Luis Miguel Pedrero Esteban

Communication Structure Senior Lecturer.
Head of «Media and Audiovisual Culture» research group. UPSA.

Degree in Information Science with Honours in Pontifical University of Salamanca (1994) and PhD in Audiovisual Communication in the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1999). Senior Lecturer in the School of Communication at Pontifical University of Salamanca (UPSA) since 2002. He has been Associate Professor at Birmingham City University (UK) and Visiting Professor at University of Lima (Peru), Catholic University of Concepcion (Chile) and University of Minho (Braga, Portugal).​ ​​Since 2013 he directs the Research and Innovation Team Media and Audiovisual Culture, which brings together academics and researchers from the School of Communication at UPSA with common interests around the relationship between the Media and the Cultural Audiovisual Industries, especially TV, Radio, Movies and Music.

Hi​s main research lines are focused on cultural industries of the Audiovisual System: creation, production, regulation and programming, and also on the evolution of cultural and technological consumption practices of digital media. According with these concerns he is editor of the online ​news​papers Pantallas, Ondas, Frames y Bits​ ​and Pictures & Sounds, Screens & Bits. He has conducted consultancy works for ​some ​national communication companies and has taught a number of postgraduate seminars ​in many universities.​ H​e is honorific member of the Spanish Online Radio Association (AERO). ​

Luis Miguel Pedrero Esteban
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